DNA Testing


Now, at Ingram Health Care : DNA Testing !

Our staff will collect your specimens in a prompt, courteous, and friendly atmosphere.  All collections are made with strict adherence to procedural guidelines and protocols, so that we may assure accuracy in your results. Patient care is priority, as well as confidentiality. If you have any questions, please feel free to call and talk to Head M.A. over DNA testing, Michael.

We offer the following tests:

Paternity - Child, Father or Mother / Child  / Father               $350.00

Paternity - Additional Father with same Child                        $175.00

Maternity - Mother / Child                                                       $350.00

Additional Child with same Mother or Father                         $175.00

Grandparents: Mother / Child / 2 Grandparent                       $925.00

Grandparents: Mother / Child /1 Grandparent                        $700.00

Grandparents: Child / 2 Grandparent                                     $700.00

Grandparents: Child / 1 Grandparent                                     $475.00

Avuncular:  Mother / Child / Aunt or Uncle                             $700.00

Avuncular:  Child / Aunt or Uncle                                           $475.00

Siblingship:  16 Marker Panel                                                $250.00

Siblingship:  22 Marker Panel                                                $350.00

Twins                                                                                      $475.00

Infidelity: Semen Screen                                                        $200.00

Infidelity:  Buccal Swab                                                          $250.00

DNA Profile of Evidence (Multiple Samplings)                       $900.00

Ancestral  Heritage Certification: Paternal Y-DNA                                  

Males ONLY!                                                                          $400.00

Ancestral Heritage Certification: Maternal Mito-DNA                            

Male and Female                                                                   $400.00

Genetic Certification Wall Map                                              $40.00

Paternal Y-DNA Surname Search (Males ONLY)                 $425.00

Immigration Relationship Testing                                    Call for Pricing!

DNA Collection (in our facility ONLY)  Per Collection           $25.00


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